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The Flagship Series from Pure Life Ministries.


About the Series

Continuing the Legacy

Since its first printing in 1986, the book At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry remains the definitive Christian work on sexual addiction. This curriculum extends that legacy, and engages the book’s life-changing truths at a deeper level. It is set apart by its profound insights into the roots of sexual sin and its dedication to dealing with the overall spiritual health of the struggling Christian.

Real Answers, Real Hope

Trendy quick-fixes make big promises, but multitudes of men have been disappointed time and time again when they don’t deliver. This series looks deep into God’s Word for the answers to sexual addiction. Any man who applies these truths soon finds that a new life truly is possible.

Depth of Experience

Every teacher in this series is (or has been) a member of the senior leadership team of Pure Life Ministries. These men know what it means to be ensnared by sexual sin and what it means to overcome. They speak from a depth of personal experience, as they share the same truths that brought them out of bondage. The men featured in the 14 stories are all living testimonies to the power of God to deliver!

Great for Men's Groups

This 14-week series was designed specifically with men’s groups in mind. Each 45-minute session contains 2 teaching segments and a testimony of a man whose life has been radically changed. Additionally, the series is structured so that the viewers have time to break into groups to discuss the material presented and encourage one another in their battle for victory.


"To say that this series changed my life would be inaccurate. The life I had before was not truly living. The truth presented here led me to a completely new life. I will be revisiting the wisdom contained in this series over and over."

Elliot M.

"Because of this series, I found out that my problems were not just behavioral, but that I needed a heart change. Being powerless to accomplish this, I began to cry out to God. He was faithful, and used His strength to transform my inner man."

Greg S.

"The session dealing with the Spiral of Degradation showed me that there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Through it, I learned that even though I had gone way down the spiral, there was a way up and out. My God is awesome!"


"This series constantly showed me testimonies of what God can do in a man’s life to transform him. I used to think, “Well, God can’t do that for me.” This series tore down that excuse and brought out a belief that God is willing and able to do it for me."

Josh B.

In the Box

  • 14 Sessions on 5 DVDs 
  • Each session is presented in two segments with an accompanying testimony 
  • At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry Leader’s Edition, which includes the full text of At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry as well as practical content to help a group leader facilitate each class
  • Approximately 672 minutes of video content
  • Retails at $84.99!
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